Food Safety Products     

Food safety concepts learnt during formal training sessions need to be reinforced on a daily basis. One of the simplest ways to do this is through awareness posters. Posters have numerous benefits such as:

  • A cost effective means of daily communication with employees
  • an be put in various areas around the factory and staff facilities
  • Visual daily reminders of what is expected of employees
  • A way to get an image imprinted on the viewer’s mind through repetition
  • A bold, clear, concise and consistent message to staff
  • Another way of highlighting management commitment


Local Designs

Foodpath offers a range of food safety awareness posters. These were designed locally for South Africa with minimum words and maximum impact. They incorporate call to action for hand washing and correct use of hair nets. Others are visual reminders of no jewellery and no eating policies. Then there is a clear hand image reminding staff of the parts of the hand that can easily be missed during too short a hand washing procedure.

The Allergens posters are based on warning signs akin to road warning signs. These can be custom printed to show the specific Allergens being stored or used on your premises.


More Ideas

Other ideas include pest control reminders, rubbish handling, chemical safety and storage, clean lockers, maintenance and loose foreign objects. Most of the Pre-requisite programmes (PRP’s) in a food handling facility need constant work, awareness and reminders. Still more include truck inspections, cleaning procedures combined with the use of the appropriate colour coded brushes, brooms and cloths.

In deciding what posters are required, ask what positive behaviour needs to be reinforced within your facility or what action are you wanting to promote. In general food safety concepts should be given the same prominence as health and safety awareness around any large manufacturing site. Food safety is protecting your customers whereas health and safety is about protecting your employees so both need equal recognition.