Executive Food Safety 

Food safety as a business objective

The primary objectives of commercial food companies are to produce, store, distribute, handle, prepare and / or sell food at a profit. In the 21st century complying with legislation and regulations as well as food safety management systems adds an extra dimension to any food company. One of the requirements of the ISO 22000 standard is that the food safety management systems need measurable objectives and these should be aligned with the core business objectives. Food Safety needs to become part of the organisational culture so everyone works to achieve the same objectives.

Food safety for Management

Managers need a good comprehension of various aspects of food safety. If they have transferred from another business sector, they need to be made aware of their responsibility in terms of food safety. They also have to become familiar with a wide range of acronyms and terminology. Food safety is about a lot more than just hygiene and hand washing!

References to management responsibility in various standards

  • SANS 10049:2011 – Reference 6.1 to 6.5 ending with a minimum of an annual management review
  • SANS 10330:2007 – Reference 5.1 to 5.4 management responsibility
  • ISO 22000:2005 – Reference 5.1 to 5.8 an expanded section with added emphasis on communication
  • BRC Food Standard Issue 7 – Clause  1.1 Senior Management Commitment
  • BRC Food Standard Issue 7 – Clause 1.2 Organisational Structure, responsibilities and management authority 

Training options

Foodpath offers management teams and executive groups a presentation to suit their requirements and minimise the time spent in training. In just 3 to 4 hours Foodpath can provide an overview of terminology, acronyms, standards as well as audit options.  This will help directors and executives to support their management representative or food safety team leader. It will also help the business to prioritize food safety activities while remaining focused on their consumer needs.  A similar outline or overview can be incorporated into a business strategy session so all team members have the same terms of reference and can become aware of how a certification of their company could become a trade tool or marketing plus.